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LifeForce Housing First


Mission Statement



LifeForce Housing First (LFHF) was created as a non-profit tax-exempt organization for the purpose of raising funds to develop permanent housing solutions for the ever-growing population of homeless Veterans and citizens located but not limited to North Charleston, South Carolina. The IRS determined LFHF a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization, your contributions are tax deductible.  LFHF will also create jobs for the underserved population of our community and others.  The homeless population consisting of veterans, people with drug and alcohol problems, the uneducated and all of them having mental issues is LFHFs' concern.  


The citizens as well as the operating businesses in the area want to help, they need to help.  This will make the area much safer and attract new businesses and working families to the area. Much is done as it relates to “Shelters” and “Food Banks”, but this is simply not enough.  The homeless population requires and deserves more than a Shelter For The Night, they need an address of their own which will allow stable accommodations and help with the transition to a real life with security and opportunity to succeed as a contributing member of society, not a burden to the community.


LFHF’s mission is to either be granted or purchase unused properties that have become eye sores and unsafe dwellings for the homeless and people involved in the growing drug culture.  LFHF will raise funds to renovate and create facilities that will allow homeless citizens an opportunity to live at a property that is managed by LFHF and provides the necessary resources and assets to change their lives. Job counseling, nutritious food, and the required utilities would be a major focus of our organization.  Get these people back on their feet.  Now that the pandemic is showing light at the end of this long terrible journey of the last two years, there are jobs available, but these homeless individuals don’t have the resources required and the counseling necessary to simply apply.  LFHF will help.


North Charleston will be our starting point, once we have successfully engaged the public and help the homeless population, LFHF will duplicate this project in other areas.  Florida is one of our target states.  LFHF can be a catalyst for change.


That’s our mission.


With a little help LFHF can assist a homeless person to become a productive member of society.

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