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LifeForce Housing First Starts Today (correction)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

LifeForce Housing First

Helping the Homeless Population of South Carolina

Correction from August 31st, 2021

LifeForce Housing First (LFHF) is a newly created non-profit, designated as a 501(c)(3) organization in Charleston, South Carolina. With over 4500 homeless citizens in the state LFHF will start its mission as one of the most impacted areas of the state, North Charleston.

As a non-profit tax-exempt organization our purpose is to raise funds to develop permanent housing solutions for the ever-growing population of homeless citizens located but not limited to North Charleston, South Carolina.

The citizens as well as the operating businesses in the area want to help, they need to help. This will make the area much safer and attract new businesses and working families to the area. Much is done as it relates to “Shelters” and “Food Banks”, but this is simply not enough. The homeless population requires and deserves more than a Shelter for The Night, they need an address of their own which will allow stable accommodations and help with the transition to a real life with security and opportunity to succeed as a contributing member of society, not a burden to the community.

LFHF’s initial campaign will be to solicit contributions from the business community to memorialize their tax-deductible gift of $2,000 which will sponsor a room at the facility to accommodate a single homeless person with a private room, twin size bed, a small kitchenet, comfortable seating and a television. Each room will also have a private bathroom with shower stall. Of course, the new tenant will have access to our amenities including cafeteria, business, and community center. If desired, as a sponsoring business, a plaque will be awarded to display at their business location.

LFHF is currently working with owners, local businesses, and governmental agencies to acquire vacated buildings and land suitable for renovation or construction of facilities allowing the homeless a true, safe and permanent address to assist in rebuilding their own lives. Adequate housing, food, transportation, counseling, internet access, coaching, trade training, acquiring a GED are just a few of the functions that LFHF will offer the homeless population.

LFHF is creating a schedule of fund-raising events where the businesses and public can support this mission. LFHF was initiated by Celina Wallace of Goose Creek, South Carolina who is the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of LFHF. LifeForce is developing a list of potential board members that share a vision of stability for the homeless population.

Another campaign will begin on September 1st, 2021, known as the “Pledge & Reward Program”. LFHF is looking to the public and area businesses to pledge $25.00 per month, per family, less than $1.00 a day, and be rewarded with the finest non-insurance health-care benefit program available to all families regardless of age, medical history, or location. Through an agreement with Universal Promotion Intl, LLC, LFHF will receive 50% or $12.50 per member per month. Businesses can offer these benefits to their employees or individuals can join the program through LFHF’s website.

The healthcare benefit program includes, but not limited to the premier telemedicine provider in the country TelaDoc ©, discount dental services through Aetna Dental © and Coast to Coast © vision discounts. Since the pandemic started, telemedicine services have become mainstream to families. With TelaDoc you can visit a board-certified state accredited doctor from your phone, computer or smartphone, video conference if desired with NO consultation fee or co-pay 24/7, 365 and it includes all dependents in the family. Think of the time and money that can be saved by visiting a doctor from the privacy of your own home or while at work. To know that your children can be attended to by a doctor and if required a prescription can be picked up at your local pharmacy – any time. Great discounts from Aetna Dental that will make your smile and vision discounts through Coast to Coast that you can really see. All for less than $1.00 a day, knowing that you’re supporting LFHF mission to save the homeless. At $25.00 per month, alone this program is offered at a great discount. Feel free to compare other plans offering the same benefits.

Fund Raising events with start in September where concerned businesses will sponsor lunches and other event to assist LFHF in their mission to help the homeless, better the community and make our neighborhoods and cities better places to live and work.

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